Our story…


Centersky is lead by Gary Davi, an innovation award winning Capital Markets/Alt Sponsor CTO and his team of Salesforce Administrators and Developers that have each individually been involved directly in the Capital Markets business for 10+ years.

Gary believes that “technology platform specialists” that have deep experience in your business (not just in technology) that are collaborating with all departments of your business is the future. This type of synergy is commonly referred to as “DevOps”.

Enter Centersky..

By entrusting your business's CRM platform to Centersky, you bypass the need to hire, train, re-hire, re-train full-time employees who may have less real-world experience resulting in a lower level of service. The team at Centersky saves you overhead with unmatched expertise and respect for your priorities.

Its time for your IT Dept to partner with DevOps. 

Centersky, the secret of doing more.

We look forward to serving you…